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Postgraduate Workshop, Glasgow

Del 04/04/2013 al 05/04/2013

El 4 i 5 d’abril de 2013, a la Universitat de Glasgow.
És un International Workshop per a  Postgraduate Students of Onomastics. Part del congrés anual de la Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland (SNSBI).

Més informació:  

4 abril
-13.00: Registration and refreshments
14.00-16.30: Visit to Special Collections and Maps Department, Glasgow University Library
16.30-18.00: Networking and discussion of own research
19:00: Dinner
5 abril
 8.30: Meet for place-name walk
12.30-14.00: Pub lunch
15.00-17.00: Session by editors of Scottish Language Dictionaries
17.00-18.00: Wine reception
  18.00: Join delegates arriving for SNSBI conference
18.30: Dinner
   20.00-21.00: Presentations by workshop participants at SNSBI conference


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