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Names. A journal of Onomastics

Revista de l’American Name Society. Publica Maney Publishing. Volum 60, número 2. Juny de 2012. Pàgines: 123. Preu: $49.00.
Editorial pp. 63-64(2): Nuessel, Frank
–       Hierarchical Naming in Milton’s Paradise Lost and Twain’s Diaries of Adam and Eve  pp. 65-73(9): Cantor, Rebecca Guess
–       Naming and War in Modern Germany pp. 74-89(16): Bruhn, Anja; Huschka, Denis; Wagner, Gert G
–       Naming Academic Libraries: Is Institutional Identity Obscuring the Generous Benefactors and Illustrious Educators of Old? pp. 90-104(15): Crosetto, Alice; Atwood, Thomas A
–       Returning to Missouri, pp. 105-106(2): McCafferty, Michael
–       Name of the Year 2011, pp. 107-108(2): Evans, Cleveland
–       A Note on Selected Names in James Hynes’s Academic Novel The Lecturer’s Tale pp. 109-116(8): Nuessel, Frank . Book Review

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